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Page 107 of 107 Your retirement living search made easy Trusted by Canadians since 2002 "A core component of ongoing health and longevity lies in the power of sustained intimacy, at tachment and learning. It's the power of being with others and staying engaged in taking on the challenges of life that builds, shapes, and sustains our brains…. [Maintaining] our relationships and [staying] connec ted to others are vital aspec ts of our continued health and longevity." — Louis Cozolino, Timeless "We elders are no longer at a stage where things will care for themselves; nothing can now be taken for granted. We have arrived at a time and place in our lives where we [must be] at tuned to ourselves in ways that are new to us and sometimes burdensome. This requires at tention, reflec tion, and ac tion, not only in regard to ourselves but in regard to the world around us as well. In these ways, we older men and women must all become philosophers." — Sherwin B. Nuland, The Ar t of Aging "The single most impor tant fac tor in determining successful aging is the personality trait of conscientiousness, associated with a great number of positive outcomes in life. The fields of psychiatr y and clinical psychology are founded on the premise that [you can] be more conscientious, even later in life, and the benefits will still accrue to you. The latest science confirms what has been argued for millenia, by various forms of religion—that personality is malleable, and that one can learn to interac t with the world in new ways, even well into one's eighties and beyond." — Daniel J. Levitin, Successful Aging

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