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Our Inspiring Leaders series We spoke to leaders behind some of Canada's best retirement living communities. They shared their visions, state-of-the-art innovations they're launching, and their thoughts on how retirement living will evolve in exciting ways in the coming years. Here's a brief glimpse at the future of retirement living. Watch complete video inter- views and highlights at Karim Kassam, co-founder, Optima Living We've seen a tremendous amount of change over the last 13 years where, when we got into this space, the primary focus was a bed, a place to sleep, and a place to be fed. [Now, we really look] deeply into this notion of building community [and] what does wellness look like, feel like? Louisa Flinn, SVP marketing and sales at PARC Retirement Living The senior industry has really moved toward active living, wellness, the sort of holistic aspects of how to live a much better, healthier life as we age… As the boomers move into senior living, things are going to change. Marie-Josee Lafontaine, owner, Scarborough Retirement Residence Innovation is oxygen! This is an exciting time because we're fostering all that innovation. [We're] going to see more diversity of product. One size will not fit all. Tony DiFruscio, president, Zest Communities Our residents originally looked for housing. This is not just about housing; [it's] about lifestyle. Kevin Pidgeon, chief operating officer, Nautical Lands Group One of the things that we constantly preoccupy ourselves with is the ability for our spaces to be nimble. As our group ages, [we're] truly addressing an efficient and effective way for [people] in our communities to age in place. Veronica Da Conceicao, general manager, OPAL by Element I see buildings in the future that [will] basically have its own little city where there's stores, there's doctors, there's everything [you need] nearby, easy to access because that also allows [seniors] to embrace independence. Elaine Wood, vice president of operations, Delmanor Senior Living We need to be very cognizant of the fact that people are living longer [and] with longevity comes illness at times... Certainly, we see the need for having dedicated memory care… When we look at what retirement operators [can] offer older adults living in a retirement setting, it's about being able to age successfully and being able to support them to the best of our ability. Angela Kelly, incoming director of operations, River Crest Estates We offer a multitude of opportunities with respect to purchasing and owner- occupied investment. There's still opportunity there for people to make sound investments in real estate. Tanya Snow, director, Bria Communities When I see people that are happy, when I see people that are engaged [and] vibrant, that's exciting! That shows me that the programs we're providing are working. When people come to meetings and… are engaged and feel comfortable and confident as they age, that's exciting.

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